Cub Scouts (For 8-10 1/2 year olds)

Welcome to the Cub Scout Pages.

In Bedhampton, the current Cub Pack are usually aged between eight and ten and a half  years old. They can move to the next Section, Scouts, when they are ten and a half.

Please look at our Controlled Facebook Page to see photos of our recent activity.  All photos are managed inline with our Group newsletter and web and  policy (available in our  welcome pack).

How to know what’s going on:

  1. We give out paper newsletters and put them on the website below.
  2. We send out mobile phone text reminders (free). Let Nigel Vosper know if you need a phone added.
  3. We send out emails. Let Nigel Vosper know if you need a phone added.

Info on the programme, camps and upcoming events.

Click here for Details on the Group Trip to Flip Out on Sun 5th April following the Palm Sunday Service.

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Click here for Kayaking pages (for Cubs aged 10 or over)

Info on badges, ceremonies and competitions.

Click on this link for the Groups Welcome Pack.

Click here to see progress towards Silver Chief Scouts Award as well as the current nights/hikes/water activities.

Click here for what a Sixer and Seconder do in Bedhampton

Click here for details of the Investiture

Click here for details on going up to Scouts

Click here for the Cub Scout Badge Positions (inside

Contacts are:

Judy Colwell (Leader). Mob 07960479886.

Nigel Vosper (Waiting list PoC) Mob 07979736459 Email

The Leadership Team is:


Rachel              James T