Welcome to the page that gives information on joining our Scout Group.

UPDATE 23/01/22: Havant Scout District have opened a Squirrel Scout Section (for 4-6 year olds) operating in the Havant Scout District Hut on Thursdays between 5.30 and 6.30. Bedhampton Scouts are delighted with this development and look forward to when 1st Bedhampton Scout Group has enough Leaders, Helpers and Other support to open a Squirrel Section. For more information on this please check out the Havant District Scout Website here. If you are interested in joining Bedhampton Beavers (6-8 year olds) after Havant Squirrels please make sure you put your child down on the waiting list below as there is no automatic transfer and we have to be fair. See our waiting list policy below.

UPDATE 30/05/21: To reduce admin and typographical errors we now have automated the waiting list for the Beaver Scout (6-8yr olds) and Cub Scout (8-10.5yr olds) Sections. There are links to this towards the bottom of this page. We have also updated our waiting list policy to provide clarity when members transfer in from other groups..

Standard Information:

We are pleased that due to a lot of work from Leaders, Helpers, Supporters, Parents and Children 1st Bedhampton Scout Group is a very popular Scout Group.

Unfortunately this means there is normally  a waiting list in the younger sections (Beavers and Cubs).


The waiting lists are operated strictly in the order that people put their names down. The following exceptions are given priority:

1) Children of Leaders and Helpers.

2) Transfers in from another Scout Group following a house move to the Havant District area.

3) Transfers in from another Scout Group due to special circumstances that mean they need to move Group. In these unusual events please have a discussion with the Section Leader and Group Scout Leader so that we can assist with the transfer.

Transfers in from other Scout Groups for reasons such as to be with close friends, will be treated with normal priority to ensure fairness. Please note that the Squirrel section run by Havant District Scouts is considered another Scout Group.

The older sections (Scouts and Explorers) have a lower adult to young adult ratio and therefore don’t have a waiting list.

We have no issues with people putting their names down for other Scout Groups as well as ours and we recommend it when the waiting list is particularly long. If you do get accepted for another group please let us know we we can manage the waiting list efficiently.

You can find details on other Scout Groups in the Havant area on the District Website here.

We also recommend checking out the Groups Welcome Pack, the controlled facebook site and the section page on the menu to the left.

We hand out a welcome pack when you join which has more information on the Group. You can find the online version here.

We hope you enjoy joining the Adventure of 1st Bedhampton Scout Group.

In the first instance please contact the following about joining:

Frequently asked questions: (email to add a new one)

Question: Do we need to buy uniform when we join?

Answer: We don’t recommend it immediately. Instead we recommend coming along a few weeks to “try it out”. After a few weeks the section leaders will ask its going well and if they wish to be “invested” to being a full member. Its at that point we ask them to start wearing uniform.

Question: What are the different ages for the different sections?

Answer: Beaver Scouts are typically 6-8, Cub Scouts are 8-10.5, Scouts are 10.5-14, Explorer Scouts are 14-18. There is some flexibility available for the needs of the individual child.

Question: Where do you meet and when?

Answer: Weekly meetings are held at St Nicholas Church Hall, Bedhampton, Havant, Hampshire. PO9 3PU. Beaver Scouts is 5.30-6.45 on a Wednesday. Cub Scouts in 6.15-8.00 on a Tuesday. Scouts and Explorers are both 7.00-9.00 on a Wednesday.

Question: How much does is cost?

Answer: We charge £15 per half term most of which goes towards our equipment and our activities. We do fundraising events to help keep this cost down. Please note that all leaders, helpers and supporters are volunteers who give up their time free of charge.